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College-net Interview

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone has taken the LPN-ASN program through College-Net. I have an interview with one of their reps on Monday. I had gotten 20 credits through CLEP, but they are too old-7 years- to be considered. I was planning to retest and get those credits before I applied to RN school.

    Also, I was wondering if anyone has worked at either Slidell Memorial, or Tenet in Slidell. Thanks
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    I too am interested in any information anyone has regarding the college-net programs. I have been looking at the RN to MSN program (through Regis) but I have the disadvantage of being a diploma nurse and not a ADN, the cost to get the core courses even before I start the program seems prohibitive and I am wondering if anyone knows of anything else out there.

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