Charity/LSU nursing programs

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    Has anyone graduated Charity and gone on to get a BSN from LSU? How much more schooling was needed?

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    I am not sure about the schooling, I know that you will need to take Sociology I think and I know Chemistry and chem lab and micro lab. At LSU I'm almost positive that they want you to take A&P at LSU.
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    If you're already a licensed RN going back to get your BSN, you have different requirements. It's a totally different program from traditional BSN where LSU asks that you take their A & P.

    Most of the listed prereqs would have been completed in an ASN program. I'm only counting 4 that wouldn't have been taken if you graduated Charity. Pathophysiology is the only class that they ask the RN-BSN students to actually take at LSUHSC (as far as pre reqs go).
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