BRCC/ Pre-reqs and Nursing Program

  1. 0 Hello Everyone...

    I'm new to the site.. Love all the detailed information posted on allnurses.

    Anyone taking pre-reqs at BRCC? I'm starting in June for Summer school, taking Psyc 201 and Math 110 online.

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    I'm also new to the site and I've registered to take pre-reqs classes in the fall at Southeastern so that I can apply to their accelerated BSN program. I already have a bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration, but I would like to pursue my dream which is Nursing. Has anyone else had any experience with the Nursing program at Southeastern? I was told by someone at the school that I need a 3.6 or higher to get in.
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    Hello I start class tomorrow and I will be taking Psyc 201 and English 102 online, as well as history. This will be a longgg summer lol.
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    Yes it's going to be a long summer. I just added A&P 1 to my summer schedule. Lol
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    I wanted to take it but I have to work

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