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Baton Rouge: Our Lady of the Lake BSN Admissions Query

  1. 0 Hi Everyone!

    This is my first post here on allnurses, by the way. After prowling the internet for answers to many questions I've had recently - several times I was led here and I liked what I read, so I decided to join this community.

    So my situation is, I recently applied to Our Lady of the Lake's BSN program in Baton Rouge, upon dropping off my application I was notified that I had missed the deadline by two weeks and I was told I was suppose to have taken the TEAS test - which I have looked into and the last test date was early January. Nevertheless, I told them I still wanted to submit my application since I had already paid the non-refundable fee, despite the receptionist giving me advice not to.

    Which brings us to now. I have received a letter notifying me that I have been accepted into the fall 2011 BSN program and have been granted "provisional acceptance pending receipt of all required documents."

    I am frightened and full of anxiety because I don't know if that means I am actually accepted or not!? Also, do I still have to take the TEAS test? Or were my grades good enough? Can someone please take this weight off my shoulders

    Thank You!
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    #1 0 also applying to OLOl...may i ask what was your gpa