Baton Rouge General (Baton Rouge, LA) RN hiring process??

  1. Hello everyone. I'm a new graduate, and am very interested in working at Baton Rouge General (preferably midcity) hospital. I've loved the way this hospital operated ever since I did clinicals there. I've heard that its tough to get on there. Also, that there is a tough skills test that you must pass to get hired. Can anyone give me any insight into this part of the hiring process? Do you remember what was asked of you during that part? Is it really THAT difficult. I plan on applying in the next couple of weeks, and want to be very much prepared for the interview process. Thank you in advance for any suggestions, or words of advice that you give. Be blessed!
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    Ask this question in the United States nursing section under your state! I bet you will get a lot more responses! Hope this helps! Good luck on your nursing career it's a very rewarding career!
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    I will do that, thank you.
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