anyone hopeing for Charity in Jan '11

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    Has anyone out there applied for Charity's January 2011 class? If so, when do letters go out? I called Charity and they said a decision has not been made as to when letters will be sent. This sounds a little unorganized me. IS Charity that way??? Thanks to anyone who answers.

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    I can't help with your question about the timing of the letters but I wanted to comment about Charity's organization. I've been accepted into the Aug 2010 class and have found Charity to be incredibly well organized! Last month I knew what books I needed, what uniforms I would need, where to get liability insurance, how to order my nametag, where to do my fingerprinting, etc. This month I know the days/times of my classes and when/where my clinicals will be.

    I know how nerve-wracking it is waiting for that letter but once you make it past that point, things roll!
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    Very comforting. Thank you for the response! Good luck to you.
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    i got in in January of this year and we didn't find out until June or July, (maybe even August) so you still have time. You will know that you got in if you get a big packet in the mail. If you just get a small envelope you probably didn't get in. That is a way you can tell before you open it.
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    I just finished my first semester at Charity this spring. We got our letters at the end of June telling us that we were in for the following spring. They can't wait much longer than that because many people apply to multiple schools and want to make a decision as to where they will go. As far as organization, they are very organized in my opinion. They've been in business for a very long time and the people that work there have been around a long time. Good Luck.
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    Hi i called the school on Wed this week and they said the letters will go out mid May so be on the lookout in the next few weeks. I can't wait to know.Good luck to all who applied
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    Has anyone heard of getting a phone call for acceptance into Charity i keep seeing posts on Fb about getting a phone call for acceptance . Didn't know they did that.
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    I am so nervous and almost c/n handle waiting for the mail each day. Thank you so much to all of you that responded.
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    Hi, I just applied to the LPN program for Aug 2010 and I was advised that if I got a phone call...I got it. If I get something in the mail...I didn't get in.
    Don't know if they are doing that for the RN program but just wanted to let you know.
    Good luck to you all!
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    Got my yes letter from charity today!!! Yahoo. I am thrilled and petrified all at the same time.

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