Anyone else a NAC1 readmit at Charity?

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    Since it's been a while since I finished Basics, I'm (understandably) being required to do a skills checkoff before I begin NAC1, involving vitals, physical assessment, med admin and wound care. Does anyone know what exactly a re-admit is tested on in these areas? Also, if you've been through this process before, please give me some feedback! Private messages are OK. Thanks for your help.

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    i was told that as long as it hadn't been two years, it was okay. I was right under the two year mark. I was told that by the lady over NAC I. But, don't quote me. I didn't have to do one, but you may need to call her and see. If you do have a check off, I'm sure it won't be THAT bad.
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    Thank you for the info!

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