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  1. 1 I am looking for an unbiased opinion about how it is to work nursing at a Select Specialty Hospital? I have heard mixed opinions so if you are a nurse who had experience working for this organization but no longer working there I would be interested in your honest opinion. I am specifically looking at a position at their Phoenix location. Or if there is a site you can lead me to that would discuss pros and cons of different nursing positions out there. I would appreciate any feedback I can get as soon as possible.
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    I worked for Specialty Select in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was a good experience for me at the time. The pts weren't quite ICU but they weren't quite Med/Surg either. I learned a lot about wound care, PICC lines, and other procedures. Keeping in mind this was about 2002, I don't remember any problems with bad insurance or any company issues. I really enjoyed working with the single Dr (hospitalist). There's was consistency in pt care by both the DR and RNs.

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