New Grad, 1st day orientation at Nsg Home, Any advice?

  1. 0 Hey everyone!, Im having an orientation at a nursing home in the bronx tomorrow.. Any tips for my first day?

    Im a New Grad/RN with no experience, but this is my chance. Anything wud help.. thanks!!!!
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    You'd get more responses if you posted this in the geriatric nurses forum. LTAC is not the same as long term care. That said, be prepared to be overwhelmed with almost everything the first few weeks. There is a lot to learn as a new nurse and especially a new nurse in long term care. Take notes, ask questions and don't act like you know more than you do.
    You'll be able to use any assessment skills you have. You might hate the first few days, but try to stick it out. It can be a great place to have your career.
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    Thanks!.. I know, I should've but anyway, I started the orientation today. It was overwhelming as Im only an agency nurse, we can only work part time. And the orientation is only 3 days. But Im still hoping for the best!.. Then we'll be doing probation for 3months then they get to hire us. Thanks again CapeCodMermaid for your reply.
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    So how was experience? Wish you lots of luck.
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    Quote from genaluvya
    So how was experience? Wish you lots of luck.
    Overwhelming but i get to learn a lot of stuff!
    Its been a month now since i started. 2more months, then i'll be finish with my probation at the agency.

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