Has anyone ever worked in LTAC?

  1. I just got a job offer for a CNA position at a LTAC hospital here. According to the NM I interviewed with today a lot of the patients have trache tubes and are on ventilators.

    Has anyone had experience with these types of patients? I wasn't sure if there was specific cares we do with these patients.

    I appreciate your help!
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  3. by   miabia
    LTAC is everything you learned in CNA/MA class. They generally are unable to tell you what they want you to do so you have to follow your common sense learned from class. You'll be using a few hoyer lifts, have a lot of incontinent patients and make sure that you make an effort to shift your vent patients every 2 hours to prevent bed sores. Acute Care is just like Skilled care except with more machines attached to your patients.