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  1. QUESTION: How does one send a copy of your "work product" if you have never had a case to work before? I do not think I have really seen a sample of a "work product: to even use as a sample. Can anyone help? Does anyone have a generic sample of a work product that I can use as a base?
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, Jim

    Did you complete any formal LNC education? If so, you should have access to some samples to use in your marketing packet. Also, you can find something at the AALNC bookstore.

    If you want, I can message you and we can discuss this further, too. (please do not post your email address on the public boards, however).
  4. by   TXJDRN
    Jim, a quick word of advise. When you send your work product sample, make sure you have redacted any identifying information that could identify the patient, the attorney, the hospital, the names of providers, and any other sensitive information. A reasonable attorney will understand the reason for the redactions and will appreciate your sensitivity to privacy issues. Good luck!