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What are LNC's doing to improve healthcare?

  1. 1 We review medical records and report on them amongst a plethora of Legal Nurse Consultant roles.Are there any legal nurses who are actually implementing plans to improve healthcare based on their findings in litigated matters? I have diversified my LNC role so I also work in Occupational Health. I am involved in ensuring regulatory compliance through assessments of hazards in workplaces but also to manage the return to work process of injured workers. I use my legal nurse principles and practise to ensure that I deliver accurate and informed information to clients thereby improving their awareness of the legal requirements for their workplaces. Does anyone provide feedback to hospitals to help facilitate new processes of safe health care delivery?
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    You might want to look at another branch of legal nursing, certified nurse life care planning. Pretty much all we do is look at delivery of best possible care. AANLCP | American Assocation of Nurse Life Care Planners