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I am confused. When I worked in Maternity, I kept my own malpractice insurance. When I married and moved to a new job, I was told that having my own malpractice insurance would be a liability for me in the instance of a lawsuit... Read More

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    i am closing this thread for time out and moderators discussion

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    Locking thread for a cooling out period. Also posting a reminder re. the NOT engage in personal attacks!
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    Dang, Gwenith, you beat me to it by about two seconds!!
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    Quote from caroladybelle

    i have carried malpractice insurance, and always will.

    those that do not believe in it, fine for your opinion but i will stick with mine....

    the only people against me carrying my own policy have been facilities that insure their own staff. invariably, if a lawsuit comes up, the facility usually ends up backstabbing the nurses involved so that the facility comes off cleaner. as the malpractice insurance (paid by the facility) lawyers are more concerned about the mds/facility, the nurses get the shaft.

    your own insurance covers you, the facility's covers their butt.

    thank you, but i will take care of me and mine.
    agree 100% with caroladybelle. have carried malpractice insurance for 25yrs.

    i carry home owners and auto insurance about $2,000.00 for hubby and i.
    also, have health insurance. why not also carry nursing malpractice insurance for about $80-$120.00/yr.

    i was sued without merit by an automobile owner, went to deposition and my factual evidence got case thrown out--never went to trial. never paid more for the 6 hrs of attorney time provided by insurance company.

    peace of mind to have someone protecting my interests.
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    I have said this before and will again - we do NOT have the level of litigation that you do but we have malpractice insurance - in fact we have it through our union. It is legal insurance that covers all nursing related issues including workplace disagreements.
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    BTW, most of you will be happy to know that a certain poster has been banned from the site. The moderators have reopened this thread, and we now return you to our regularly scheduled, troll-free [hopefully!] discussion!

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