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Question about CLNC course and food

  1. 0 I know this sounds crazy, but I've registered for the CLNC class in October in Vegas. My understanding is that they feed you lunch everyday. Can anyone tell me what the foods like. I'm on some dietary restrictions - nothing complicated - but just wondering about the food. lol
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    It depends upon the Hotel/Convention Center where you will be. Mostly, it's some type of meat like chicken, spaghetti, roast beef, pork chop, etc; veggie, green salad, tea, coffee, dessert. You could phone the place and see if there is any type of menu for those days.

    Good luck with the course.
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    I'm debating on going in October myself. I'm in the same boat with tummy issues. I'll meet you in the back with a picnic lunch :chuckle I'm sure you could call the Golden Nugget just to sure.