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possibly being sued

  1. 1 I just got a letter stating a 180 day notice of intent to bring a claim and suit on myself and other nurses, aides, and my employer for an incident that happened almost a year ago. Its is pursuant to Ohio revised code 2305.113. I had almost forgotten about this and had to talk to the police about it once, but like I said its been awhile. This has me very worried. Any idea what I should do? I know my employer has a record of firing people over small issues and I recently filed bankruptcy so I don't have a lot of assets. I live basically paycheck to paycheck and can't really afford a lawyer and can't lose my job either or I'd be on the streets or have to move back in with my parents (and I'm not very young).
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    Contact your malpractice insurance carrier immediately. Do not discuss the case with anyone, including posting about it here.
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    I don't have any insurance. I'm only an lpn.
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    We cannot provide you with legal advice. Please contact your employer and/or retain your own Attorney. Good luck