NP as an LNC?

  1. 1 I am new to but have been reading the boards for quite some time. I have considered trying my hand at being an LNC for quite some time but like many others, I am unsure of how realistic it is to succeed. When I went back for my NP, I actually considered law school instead so I think that this would be a good fit.

    I would like to do LNC work on the side, either on my own or as a subcontractor for extra income.

    I have two questions:

    1. For those of you who work independently, what goal is realistic for the number of clients to have at the end of your first year? A close friend is an attorney and has some friends who use LNC's so I'm hopeful that one would work out.

    2. I am an NP and wondering if anyone thinks this increases marketability since it adds a different perspective? As an NP I've worked cardiology, FP and retail. As an RN, I had experience in ICU, cardiology, and dialysis(chronic and acute).

    Thank you!
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