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    All, I need the definitive citation for the report that <5% of VM graduates are practicing/making a living/paid off the loans for the course. I am reasonably sure I read it around here somewhere, but just can't seem to lay my hands on it. Anyone?
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    I don't recall that thread, GrnTea.....???
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    It may not have been a thread, but mentioned in passing. I tried to search it but came up empty. Oh, well ... early-onset dementia, perhaps ...
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    I'll bite - what is VM??
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    VM = Vickie Milazzo. She offers a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) training program.
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    I figured it out about a minute after hitting 'Post Comment'!

    But I'm glad I asked because it sent me on a little treasure hunt. I've always wondered about that program.
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    Are you sure you found this info here at AN, GRNTea? I'm pretty good searching threads/posts for information and I can't find it here.
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    Have you tried Pat Ivers?