Locating witnesses

  1. 0 Curious- was contacted by an upstate lawyer, looking preferably for an upstate RN. Was referred to our company by a lawyer we worked with previously. I am reaching out to my contacts there, but am wondering if there is some type of state registry I can access?
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    Sorry this is so late in responding.

    Not sure what you wanted for a witness, and what state (more than one have "upstate" areas, ).

    There are a number of places to identify potential expert witnesses-- just Google "expert witness" and you'll find many. The people listed there have usually paid to be listed, so be careful to screen them. You can also contact professional nursing organizations, such as the AANLCP or AANLC, and they have listings for "Find a Nurse."

    The only "state registry" is the one run by the BON, saying who has a license.

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