1. I have been interested in becoming an LNC for years and am relocating and feel like it might be time to pursue this. I am concerned that although I have been a nurse for 26 years, most of my experience has been office and clinic based as well as management. Is it other's opinions that the type of experience will suffice since it is not necessarily hospital based? Would love any input.
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  3. by   jahra
    I will defer your question above .

    Wanted to let you know to look carefully
    at LNC. You will get paid for your work as a consultant when the case
    settles or when a trial is finished. In a time line, this can be years from
    the time you submitted your work. This is something to keep in mind.

    Maybe start part time and stay part time in nursing. Then as you get
    established you can consider LNC full time. Just make sure you research
    all the considerations before jumping in.