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legal nursing or life care planning

  1. 0 Hello, I have had a long time desire to do something in legal nursing and it wasn't until recently that I have attempted to pursue and research it. I have also had a big interest in LCP. I am at the decision point and am not sure which one to do first. Is there a "chicken or egg" story in this case? :-) Is it better to get my LNC licence first or life care planning. I guess my concern is, which one would be best to start my business with and then get the other certification while starting it up. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
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    No, you don't need both at all. Most CNLCPs are not LNCCs too (though I am). Many law firms don't want their experts (like LCPs) to be LNCC because they think somehow if you demonstrate some expertise in legal nursing it taints your ability to be a nursing expert. I personally think that's hogwash and most of my clients obviously don't think so, but I've heard colleagues complain about it. LNCC is certainly not necessary to be a CNLCP. Past experience in case management is the most important thing, but even that isn't a requirement (though you'll have a lot of studying to do!).

    You totally want to take the CNLCP credential, the one that uses the nursing process as the conceptual framework (as we say in the ed biz, )

    Go to AANLCP | American Assocation of Nurse Life Care Planners to learn about being a certified NURSE life care planner, about the cert exam, hit the links for the two prep classes ( I recommend doing one in person, but they both have online options), and pick up copies of the Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning, available for free download. You don't have to be a CNLCP to be a member, either. If you're in Philadelphia in early November, come to our annual conference!

    Contact me anytime with more questions prn! Glad to have you! It's a great profession.
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