Legal Nurse Consultant - is work easy to find?

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    I am thinking about trying to do the RN nurse consultant but I am wondering is there really a need and is work easy to find? Any information or advice would be appreciated.
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    Hello, adavis829 and Welcome to

    Good to have you with us.

    I moved your thread to the Legal Nursing forum for a better response.

    Yes, there is a need for an LNC. May I ask why you want to enter this field of nursing? What motivates you and/or interests you about being an LNC?

    The work is out there, yes, but it's a tough job to break into for you MUST be diligent and unrelenting in marketing to the attorney-client in order to get the work.

    If you have any questions/concerns, please post here. Good luck with your decisions to become LNC.

    And, we hope you enjoy