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    Does anyone have any information to share about jurexnurse.com or it's founder, Elizabeth G. Rudolph. It states that she is an attorney and RN. There are no specifics as to how long this has been in practice. I also cannot find her at BBB.org. Just wondering if anyone knew anything about it. The website is very professional and her credentials are extensive. I just want to know if the certification is worth anything. Thanks guys!

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    Hello and Welcome to allnurses.com

    Good to have you with us.

    I have never met anyone who was educated by this program.

    Here is another thread with a few posts: http://allnurses.com/legal-nursing/o...se-284513.html

    This link tells you about Ms. Rudolph: http://www.jurexnurse.com/index.php?...168&Itemid=120

    Good luck with your research. And, we hope you enjoy allnurses.com.

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