Job analysis for nurse life care planners: Stat!

  1. 0 In the off chance that there are nurse life care planners reading this on AN who are not otherwise on the AANLCP mailing list, please respond stat! You will be helping to build our profession!

    "Thank you to everyone who has taken the survey that was e-mailed out last week; if you have not had a chance to complete the survey please take a moment to complete the survey as the deadline is October 6, 2012.

    The link is
    It is critical that we have as many Nurse Life Care Planner participants as possible complete the survey to obtain a statistically valid nurse life care planner Job Analysis. Certification is not necessary to participate. Any nurse who practices as a life care planner, regardless of specialty and/or number of hours, is encouraged to participate.
    We invite you to be a part of the journey to ABNS accreditation for Nurse Life Care Planners and take the survey. The survey should take approximately 30 minutes.
    Kertrina Miller RN, BSN, CCRN, CPAN, CNLCP"
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