ICU to LNC how to get my foot in

  1. I have been an ICU nurse for many moons, and I have always wanted to try out legal nurse consulting. I pondered going to law school and going into paton law or malpractice. How hard is it to get into the legal field without your JD degree? I have a love for the law and think if I had to start over I would have went the law school route rather then nursing, Please Advise

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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Legal nurse consulting is not really in the legal field, but is still considered in the nursing field. An LNC uses his/her nursing expertise to assist attorneys in medical cases to determine if there were errors in medical judgements, actions, negligence, etc. While the LNC works in conjunction with an attorney, it is his/her nursing knowledge and experience which makes him/her a valuable asset.