Feeling scared and nervous

  1. 1 Anybody tried organizing classes for legal nursing to gain CEUS before? I recently joined a law firm who is based out of town to do representation and work with organizing classes for legal nursing ...etc . He is a NURSE ATTY and want to expand his business in my town. He wants 2 day seminar speciliazing on med mal fraud etc esp in HH agencies.
    Why am i scared? I have never done this before... Any help/advice appreciated...

    Anybody worked for a TRIAL NURSE ATTY and be paid on a 1099 basis? I was not comfortable with this 1099 or self employed pay your tax deal after my research here at ALLNURSES so I am gonna be paid hopefully with tax deduction on my pay check..My nurse atty boss is a CEU provider..

    Thanks in advance for help and advice
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    all my income is 1099. no big deal. yes, you are responsible for your own taxes; so what? i called a local tax prep firm and asked for advice, and they were fabulous. now they do my accounting, payroll, and tax (state and federal) work for me. i do my own invoicing and collections.

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