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    Hi everyone -
    This message board has been a great resource for me, as I am currently starting to explore this specialty and the possibilities it holds for me. My husband (non nurse, but great business mind and I have spent lots of time discussing options for training and how we can both dedicate ourselves to "my business". I feel that the AALNC module course is right for me, but I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger and ordering the first installment.

    My hangup is this: I am a RN with 5 years of med-surg experience. I am also a FNP with 5 years of family practice experience. My last 3 years have been in retail health, and I love what I do...however I don't feel that I have a "specialty" area in which I can focus and market a LNC practice. Am I short changing myself and my knowledge? Do I have more valuable experience than I think I have?

    I would be frustrated if I spent time and money, and truly felt invested in making a move in the LNC direction - only to find out that my past nursing years have been too broad, and my advanced practice years have been too "simplified" to make a mark as a LNC.

    Thanks for listening and for any advice
    Medway MA
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