combining nursing and law outside litigation

  1. 0 Hello. I have a law degree and practiced law many (about 20) years ago. I didn't enjoy it that much (though loved the research). Therefore, after a few years, I went into other work in the non-profit world. Now I'm almost done with a BSN. Does anyone have suggestions for ways to combine my BSN and JD that are not focused on the world of litigation/malpractice? I use the reasoning learned in law and my considerable professional non-profit experience all the time and think these skills will make me a better nurse. However, I'd also appreciate any guidance about more specific non-litigation ways to combine the BSN and JD at some point in my career. E.g., could it help with becoming an administrator or even a nurse educator down the road after I've been a nurse for a while? (I have maintained my membership in the state bar where I practiced some time ago, via the inactive membership option.) Thank you.
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    How about working in Risk management after you have a few years of experience? Or another area might be in contracts management at your hospital.
    Whatever you choose, good luck!

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