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clnc conference

  1. 1 anybody going to the clnc conference in san antonio next week? i am scheduled to go thru my vip tuition fee but cancelling bec money is tight... have no overtime and poorer than dirt.
    am i the only one out there with no dough and in same position as me? i was told the VMI are giving out dvd and tests for the paid participants and new VIP CLNC who cant make it...
    i am so poor i have not even renewed my AALNC membership for this year....thanks for listening.....
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    Hi, rockandrollrn. I'm also a new CLNC who didn't go to San Antonio. Not a VIP, but glad to hear Vickie's giving prepaid VIP's who can't attend, the DVD and post test. Where are you from? Our AALNC Chapter (South Florida) is starting a mentoring program; maybe others will do the same.