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Charge a retainer?

  1. 1 All LNC's,

    Do you charge a retainer? In the VMI marketing course, she says you can charge a retainer. If you do charge, how well do lawyers take it? Do you recommend charging a retainer only after you have experience or did you charge right from the start?
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    I charge a retainer fee and always have. I've never had a problem.
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    Do you have a retainer "contract" written or do you just give a receipt?

    Thanks for all of your help!!

    sirI - I also see that you specialize in forensics, I recently started the Kaplan cert. program for forensics. Do you think that enhanced your LNC career?
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    Good luck with your Forensics program. I think you'll enjoy Kaplan's program.

    Yes, delving some in forensic medicine has enhanced my career as LNC.

    My contract to the attorney includes the retainer fee, yes.