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  1. I just received LNC certificate from LNC stat. I was just wondering on the business side of things what everyone does when they are starting out, ex: find accountant, etc. Do you register your name as a business or wait until you are a little more established? Any help would be great!!

    Any help with starting with LNC in all areas would be great too!!
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  3. by   sirI
    hello and welcome to

    good to have you with us.

    check out the sticky thread, legal nurse consulting and marketing ideas for helpful tips.

    you may or may not need an accountant, depending upon your business sense of things. i do advise one to get an accountant, however.

    once you decide upon a name for your business, you need to consider incorporating. as for a business license, it will depend upon your area, county/state, etc., if you require that. check with your county/circuit clerk office for this information.

    if you have other questions/concerns, please post here and/or send me a private message.

    good luck with your business.
  4. by   RN1989
    I found some good info on the Small Business Association's website for my state. Check out yours for some helpful stuff too.