Are there any LNC's of CLNC's in NC??? Are there any LNC's of CLNC's in NC??? | allnurses

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Are there any LNC's of CLNC's in NC???

  1. 0 I am very interested in legal nurse consulting and I have been looking into all of the different educational programs out there. I have also been looking online to see if I could find out in any lawyers out there were hiring any nurses. I don't seem to be finding anything. I did find one job posting for an attorney in Raleigh, NC and the job paid between 22.00 to.27.00 per hour!!!!! If someone could lead me in the right direction or is this the wrong profession for NC???
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    I work full-time for a law firm. Although the salary is low, they make up for it with benefits, perks and really nice bonuses. I'm in Louisiana, but my friends in other states report the same.