Where can a new LPN grad get a job? Where can a new LPN grad get a job? | allnurses

Where can a new LPN grad get a job?

  1. 0 I have recently graduated from the LPN program at Galen College of Nursing. I start the the RN program in October and I am a mom of 3 and need to start working ASAP.All of the places that I have applied to are wanting at least 1 year of experience and/or the pay is low. Does anyone know what the pay rate is for new LPN's? Where are some good places to work that aren't asking for at least 1 year of experience and pay a decent wage?Any advice is appreciated.
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    Unfortunately, the market is very tough for new grad nurses. I hope you find work soon. Until then, all you can really do is apply, apply, apply! LPNs are very prevalent in LTC facilities but they're not limited to just that area. Have you looked into an LTC facility?

    As for pay, that varies greatly on the state and also the location within that state. I do not know the average pay for LPNs in Kentucky, but maybe someone else in this forum can offer some insight.

    In this economy, I would take anything, even if the pay seems a little low. Better to have a job than none at all!
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    Yes I have looked into LTC. I'm just going to keep applying. Thanks for the encouragement.
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    Mita I'm in the same situation . Just got my lpn license and started my pre reqs for rn . No luck in finding an lpn job every place wants 1 yr experience.
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    I'm hopeful everything will work out.