RN school.....which one??

  1. Hi all.... I am an 11 yr LPN. I have dual lic in KY and IN. I want to go to RN school, but I also work a fulltime job during the day. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I would like to start in Jan. I would consider classroom, online, daytime or night/weekend? Any help well be greatly welcomed. Have a wonder night!
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  3. by   LuckyinKY
    BCTC has an all evening program that is located in Lawrenceburg. You really aren't supposed to work full time while going to any nursing program from what I have heard, but I will be doing it if I get in. I am lucky though and work a research job that involves alot of sitting around and waiting, so it is easy for me to study at work and shift around my work schedule as needed.
  4. by   shelbee1084
    I am an LPN student at spencerian in louisville and I'm not sure what you've about it yet, but so far I am enjoying my experiece. anyway, spencerian has an RN program thats all online except I think they meet on saturday mornings for lab and one night a week for clinicals. it takes two years to complete but know a few nurses that just graduated from there online program and both passed the nclex the first time. good luck to you!