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RN hourly rate in Lexington, KY??

  1. 0 Hey Guys,
    Glad to find a Kentucky page on this site as i just moved here and about to start work at St. Jo's as an RN.
    Just out of interest, what kind of hourly rate can i expect for Lex???

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    New nurses right out of school about 20.00/hour (ADN or BSN). With experience it can go to 28.00 or so. Pool pay is around 30.00-32.00/hour. Don't know about agencies. I work at UK. Welcome to Lexington, it's a great place to live.
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    look around at the hospitals in lexington-most start under $20 for a new grad--
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    Thanks guys.

    so i guess $18 per hour is not a great rate??
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    UK just raised their starting pay to 19.40 or 19.50 per hour for a new grad so I would think that St.Joe's would be close but maybe not. I had always heard that St. Joe's pays more than UK but I've worked with many nurses who have come to UK from St. Joe's who really disliked working there and came to us.
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    Neks, how is it going at St. Joe? Which dept are you working?
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    Travel nurses in Lexington are getting forty bucks an hour. :hatparty: