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    I am getting ready to start nursing school and was wondering if anyone new about working as an aide while in school. Do I still need to take a cna course and become certified or can I get a nurse's aide job at a hospital or LTC after completing med/surg?? will I still need to take the certification test? Just curious because I would like to be able to get my foot in the door somewhere before graduating. thank you!
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    The people at your nursing school can tell you about becoming a CNA based on your nursing school classes. Lots of people work as CNAs while they are in school. Some schools even require the CNA certificate to apply.
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    yeah the school I am attending doesn't require it, which is why I was curious as to whether or not I would be able to get a job as a nurses aide or be able to take the CNA test after finishing med/surg.
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    You'll probably have to do the certification test. maybe you could find a facitlity that pays to certify you. It saves money and while you're in class you're getting used to the job.