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  1. I recently quit my job at a LTC facility. I never had time for my residents, much less time for a much needed break. I was in charge of 19-30 residents, and 1-2 CNA's in an eight hour shift. I had to do 2 med passes, tube feedings, IV ATB's, and some days I would new admissions. The paperwork was overwhelming. I did it as long as I could, but finally my body could not take it any more. I complained to my manager, but nothing was accomplished. I was working 50-60 hours a week, I was exhausted. I hated to quit, but I feel like I had no choice. I still feel bad for doing so. But I also had to think about my own well-being. I am now having trouble finding a nursing job. I interviewed through a staffing agency a week ago, but they have not offered me any shifts so far. So now I am home and wondering where to look for a job. I really don't want to go back to LTC, that really put a damper on my nursing career. I have been a LPN for 18 months, I wonder if I should pursue my RN? I am even thinking about applying for a pharmacy tech position or a seasonal job tomorrow, the bills will have to be paid. Does anyone have any good advice? :angryfire
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