LPN vs. RN in LTC/nursing home

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    I am in third quarter of my LPN program and originally decided to go right on through with my RN. I love long term care and thats really where my heart is. I was wondering if any current LPN/RN could tell me what the difference is between the two in the long term care facilities as far as what they do, pay, etc... and is it worth getting my rn is i'm wanting to stay in LTC?? thanks!

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    True you would get a little more pay than a LPN in LTC as a RN. But as a 25 yr LPN and worked in LTC and Hospitals, You need to try to get in a hospital position and hone up on your skills etc coming out of your LPN and RN degree. You would get more pay as a RN in Hospital and you have so many options to work and get an idea where your place is in your career. And trust me, LTC work is MUCH harder and stressful I think. Higher patient load and responsiblity. Good Luck.
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    I worked in LTC as both an LPN and an RN. Not much difference in my responsibilties but a big difference in pay. I would definately go RN all the way. I also didn't find RN school nearly as difficult as LPN was since I had the experience and knowledge.

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