Louisville RN - hours cut at local hosptial

  1. Norton Healthcare no longer has a contract with insurance provider Anthem. This affects about 1/3 of the area's patient population. Patient's are seeking other hospitals in the area for their needs. Physicians are taking their surgical and obstetric patients to other hospitals also, so they may work in one facility. The patient census in my department has dropped sharply. RNs, techs and pcas have "volunteered" to take occasional days off throughout the summer. As this situation has continued our days off are now mandatory. We are averaging 8-16 hours off per week. Flex time can be used - if we have it. Last week I lost 23 hours of my usual 40 hours. Nurse managers are trying to be "fair" when cancelling our shifts. Administrators have been silent.
    No negotiations planned.
    No end in sight, as reported by our local newspaper.
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  3. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    That is crazy! I wish both the insurance company and the hosptial would get over themselves and come to an agreement. This situation is affecting so many people (patients, employees, ect) and they don't even care!