Louisville BSN Opinions(Current and Past Students)

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    I am very seriously planning a transfer to U of L. I currently attend a state school in Evansville, IN. It's big enough I guess, but the employment opportunities are far less than the number of nursing school grads. Of course, I absolutely love Louisville and the Cards. I have been hard-pressed to find anyone in the program to ask about the competitive nature of admission. I will have most of the lower division completed when I transfer. I will have one semester of pre-req's to complete. My transfer GPA from my current school is 3.72, but I had a rough spell at a community college and I don't know how that will affect my chances for admission. I am almost guaranteed a spot at my school and I don't want to move and wait a full year or two before getting in. If there are any current or past U of L nursing students, would you mind sharing your stats upon admission. And what you think overall so far.


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