Lake Cumberland Regional Somerset or The Medical Center in Bowling Green

  1. I have been offered jobs at both Lake Cumberland regional in somerset and medical center Bowling Green. Is there anyone who works at either of these and can give me some pros/cons. I am a new graduate and will be graduating in December.
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  3. by   babyblue6691
    I have not worked @ either, but when I lived in the area had family members in both facilities. I prefer The Medical Center. It appears to be a top notch facility, plus Bowling Green is a much larger city with lots more to do. My husband is from Somerset and grew up there and says the hospital has always had a bad rep for employment and care. I work for an agency out of Lexington and they are always begging nurses to go there to work, so they are apparently short staffed alot. I've never gone there due to the distance >100 miles. Good luck in which ever you choose.