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  1. okay, so i took my nclex-rn yesterday 8/06/09 at 2pm and my computer stopped at 75 questions. i've been very anxious and worried about the test and i came across this site. I wanted to know the likelihood of me passing. Then, I found out about the "trick", tried it and got the pop up that everyone was talking about, but still, i'm not very convinced. looked up the kbn site and went to the license validation thing. We know that a 120 hour internship is needed along with passing the nclex to get a nursing license. Well, this site basically said that i should just type my name and if i passed, a license number will be available with my name. However, i haven't started doing my 120 hour clinicals yet. so does that mean that a license number won't appear beside my name even if i passed nclex? just asking.... has anyone tried this? thanks.
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