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Difficulty finding employment after graduation

  1. 0 I am a recent graduate of a Practical Nursing program in Lexington having difficulty finding an employer willing to talk to someone with a provisional license. If anyone has any suggestions or experience searching in the Lexington area please share. It just seems like a futile search, which I am about to give up and just go back to working as a SRNA. It is disheartening however being under a 6 month time crunch to gain a full license.
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    I apologize if this comes across as soliciting free advice, but I am
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    Try PMC in Pikeville. I dunno how willing you are to transition, but they're soliciting nurse practioners in the area for their new Wal-Mart Clinics.
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    I had the same problem after I graduated, I know it can become very discouraging and overwhelming. Try not to let it get you down.
    I called EVERYWHERE. Your best bet is probably LTC.

    Good Luck and don't give up...you have come to far!
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    I have heard that Homestead, a nursing home on Versailles Road, will hire you as an LPNA. You might want to check them out. Goodluck!
    Also, check the kentucky.gov website for jobs, they frequently hire LPNA's at the wilmore facility (20 min drive) a!!!

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