BSN Programs in western KY

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    besides uofl and uk, what other school in the area offer bsn programs. when i apply next year should i apply to more than one? my advisor said not to but i want to maximize my chances

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    Spalding University

    Bellarmine University

    These are the other 2 programs in Louisville. Both are good programs.
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    Wow, those schools tuition rates are more than double that of louisvilles even before all the fees.

    Guess I better just do my best and pray I get in at UofL.

    You'd think with all the hospitals there would be more programs in louisville but I guess that isn't counting all the adn and lpn.
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    Yes- there are others, but they are specifically ASN-BSN programs. Good luck to you! Let us know when you get accepted at U of L.
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    Are you looking for BSN 4 year or are you already an RN? Murray State has a 4 year BSN, so does Western Kentucky University. I will graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University on the 25th of this month. I graduated with and ADN in 2005, wanted to do a BSN program completely online... It was expensive though. Morehead State also has a online RN-BSN program... I am not sure if you want traditional or online...
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    I'm in my second year of a traditional 4 year bsn at UofL right now. I will apply to the actual nursing school the semester after next, so spring 2010. Not an rn, just wanting to apply at more than one just to maximize my chances.
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    libnat- you're doing the right thing. It's always a good thing to explore your options.
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    My advisor said if I didn't get in I should do my bach in another subject and transfer in after that. I was like ****, then it would take me 6 years instead of 4.

    It may already take 5 if I have to do any take to replace with the two mandatory remedial maths I was forced to take from one ten minute tests in which I was rushed through because we had to get on to the other "fun" stuff during freshman two day orientation.

    I shouldn't worry, I have a 4.0 and don't see it going below a 3.3 after this semester but I enjoy planning.
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    You could always CLEP those other 2 math courses.
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    Clep is to test out right?

    edited to add, looked it up, that cool. Might try one. The school wouldn't let me take the math placement test again so could not test out of the remedial.
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