BSN program at UK questions.

  1. I have applied for admission to UK as an undergrad, i have a few courses to complete micro lab, A&P I & II, and biochem. I am concerned with gaining admission to the BSN program at UK. as a freshman in 2004/2005 my GPA was 2.75, and my last semester 2011 was a massive jump to 3.81. I understand that it is expensive to attend school out of state (from california), and am willing to pay back loans for school, if it will translate to me getting into the nursing program. Does anyone have any insight to getting into UK nursing school?

    Humboldt state GPA 2.75
    University of Montana GPA 3.81
    Nursing assistant SICU x 2 years
    EMT-Basic (San Diego county) x 3 years.

    thanks in advance for any insight.