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  1. 0 Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get the background check from KY? I mailed the form today and want to anticipate when they'll get it back to me. Thanks!
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    I sent a form to an outside agency for background check. They sent their results to Ky. BON, as I recall. Seems like it took about 3-4 weeks for the Board to get all the documentation they required to issue my license. Hope this helps.
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    It only took 2-3 weeks to receive the background check to send off to apply for my license. Actually, I believe it was closer to 2 weeks.
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    Thanks! I'm hoping for 2 since I waited too long to send it!
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    The background check was really really fast. I just wanted to let everyone know in case anyone else had a similar concern. I mailed the request form on Tuesday and received the background check on Saturday! Thanks to everyone who responded.

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