Anyone in the spring'10 bsn program at bellarmine Anyone in the spring'10 bsn program at bellarmine | allnurses

Anyone in the spring'10 bsn program at bellarmine

  1. 0 planing to start my pre-reqs this spring, any advice?
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    I am not a student at Bellarmine but I do clinicals for them and can tell you that we are a great place to learn nursing. If you are an accelerated student I would suggest preparing myself for a year of intensive learning both theoretical and clinical! Congrats and good luck!
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    i have been accepted into Bellarmine's 2010 program starting in may. Im still a little iffy abotu the program as i dont know much about it. There are some good posts and a few bad posts about the program. So im hoping some students can post some replies and help us future students make a better decision.
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    Sorry, not a student and I'm kinda biased beause I am a clinical instructor there! Bellarmine is a great place to work I can tell you that and with a little deduction, for me that makes it a great place to go to school! Good luck with your decision!
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    do you know what is the graduation rate? how many people start and finish the program? Are the professors good? How intense is the program? Is the Hesi required? Would you recommend the Bellarmine Accelerated Nursing or regular nursing program? I appreciate your help in answering these questions.

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    I'm not sure of their graduation rate but I imagine some 10% either drop into the traditional program or out completly. The professors are excellent, most of them have worked in the field so they are not completly out of touch with real nursing. The students tell me that the accelerated program is very intense so be ready for no life! I'm pretty sure that they use the HESI vs the ATI's. Well it depends on your situation; if you have a degree and don't have to worry about anyone else go for the accelerated. That is if you feel comfortable having no life! It's doable obviously but there are drawbacks. The traditional program is obviously less intense but Bellarmine has some very high standars so be prepared either way. Call the school and see if you can talk with an actual student, they could give you the real scoop. Goodluck!
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    Thank you soo much for the feedback. Do you happen to know any students who are in the accelerated BSN program whom I may get in touch with?