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Anyone had to deal with KB

  1. 0 Has anyone had to deal with the KBON? I wonder just how long it takes to hear from BON regarding disciplinary action against you?
    Right before I resigned position, took drug test. Should have bee clean reapplying for new positions, have checked the validity of my license on BON site, it's good...........have tried w/o success to get results from former employer w/o any co-op from them. Just do not want any "surprises", or to have to worry any longer....been over a month! Am I safe yet?
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    gemini, have you tried contacting them to see what's going on? Your best bet may be to go to the source. Good luck.
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    Thank you so much for information, have just received information form ex employer.seems I've over reacted and test results were negative! Resigned for no reason...but for everything there is a purpose. Will never make this mistake again and risk SOOO much for so little.
    Thank you too all who tried to help me!