Age to become a CNA?

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    How old do you have to be to become a CNA in Kentucky?

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    no age limits,provided you can keep up to the job,it is very demanding depending on the floor.
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    I've been told that it's eighteen, and I even heard once that it's twenty one. I'll be seventeen in a couple of months. I have a job, but it only goes until November. I'll be starting college in August, and I'll need to find something in November because I may be moving in October. Where I live, a lot of places are hiring CNAs for all shifts, part-time and full-time. I'm looking to become a nurse, and I figured that if I can become a CNA after this job ends, it'd provide two great benefits: a paycheck and a sight into what working in the medical field would be like (before I spend a lot of time and student loans studying nursing to find that I don't belong in the medical field
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    It is 18! Also, I learned so much depending on where you get a job as a CNA, it doesn't necessarily define a RN's job. So don't let it totally influence you, I would have I wouldn't have never went to Nursing school. lol But it's a great place to start and you can actually grown into other positions within hopsitals once you get your CNA under your belt. My favorite job was an ER Tech.
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    16. thats it, just 16. Look at the KBON website.
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    I got mine when I was 16. That was 6 years ago. But recently I've worked with 16-17 year olds so I'm guessing it's still 16.

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