Accelerated 2nd Degree Upper Division at UofL

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    I'm currently finishing up pre-requisites for the Accelerated 2nd Degree Program at UofL and I was wondering if anyone here has applied to the Upper Division of that program before, what your GPA was when you applied and if you were able to get in.

    I spoke with my advisor who let me know that admission into the Upper Division is based on the pre-requisite GPA, not the GPA from your previous degree...but she said that the acceptance GPA for the Upper Division changes each year because it is based on the GPAs of the Top 40 applicants. I'm an exact numbers kind of this is killing me
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  3. by   palee
    I attended the 2nd degree program at U of L. When I applied, I think there were 120 applicants for the 40 spots, and the lowest GPA that got in was 3.48. One alternate was able to have a spot as one student that was accepted changed her mind at the last minute. Out of the 40 of us that started the upper division together, only 33 of us finished together. Hope this helps!