Weekend options in KC?

  1. Obviously, from my previous post, I'm exploring my employment options.

    I'm wondering about which hospitals within a reasonable drive from Lawrence have a weekend option? I'd go to the near side of KC and Topeka, for the right position. Also, are these options hospital wide, or only in certain departments?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   ExAirBagRN
    I work in the NSICU at St. Luke's on the Plaza as a PCT, and know of a few RNs on the unit that work the weekend program. 816- 932- 2000, ask for HR and they can give you the pertinent details....Best of luck!

  4. by   KCRN63
    Olathe Medical Center has weekend programs I believe. I like to say it is a big city hospital that never grew up. We still have the feel of a small town hospital with the ability to anyting anyone else does. We do Open heart and about the only true thing we do not do are transplants. www.ohsi.com